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Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, Fall is just around the corner.  Although it's always been my favorite time of the year, it also makes me a bit melancholy. Not because of my upcoming birthday - hell at my age it's hallmark that I've made it through another year.    I guess because it hallmarks another year almost gone - a year with success and failures, heartache and happiness.  Yet, like the song says, "and the beat goes on."
   I feel proud that since April, I've successfully completed two novels, Chasing Destiny and my newest, Time Heals Everything.  I never stopped writing, but publishing was something that I thought would never happen, so I'm grateful for the discovery of Smashwords.  Now as I start research for yet another novel, I'm laughing at the antics of my two cats who are trying their darnedest to distract me, while my Sheltie looks on with a look of appall on his face.  But my three babies keep me company in the wee hours when I do most of my writing, and don't seem aware that it's still the middle of the night.  Better than most of my human companions who still are dazed and confused.  But then we writers are an odd bunch and hard to understand, I accept that.
   I read an article recently about 'voices in my head' and it had me chuckling.  Outside of authors, and perhaps musicians who hear music or have lyrics floating around in their head, most would assume us to be schizophrenic - and perhaps we are a bit.  Voices of our characters who often dictate their stores and take us far away from original plots - scenes or locations that change at their whim . . . it's an odd world that we live in.  But it is one I wouldn't give up for anything.  And from a purely selfish point of view - it's a great way to find my sort of hero without leaving the space of my computer.  That's hard do beat.  Especially when October rolls around.

Time Heals Everything

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  1. No beware sign necessary. Us writers are an odd lot.
    I created a hotel for my characters in my head. To keep them busy while i am working on a different project. I let them order room service, go to the spa and hang out at the pool. It keeps them from yelling at me when I am not writing about them.